Monday, September 28, 2009

faint over fashion

I had planned to go solo to the Jacqueline Conoir Fashion Show last night, but after a sudden change of plans and a last-minute text, my friend joined me for a night of free champagne and fashion. The Jacqueline Conoir show is the first show of BC Fashion Week, so the fashionistas in the city were out in full force tonight.

There was a sudden change in venue (good thing I checked my email before I left work!), so we ended up at the Fortune Sound Club where the fashion show and after party were being held. We arrived at the club, checked in and walked into a wall of people. Literally. The club was jam-packed with fashionistas and fashion misters jostling for prime viewing territory with the photogs since the club space was clearly not meant for a fashion show of this size, or for any fashion show for that matter. It was also getting really hot with all the warm bodies packing into the club.

After a quick detour to the bar to grab our free champagne, we managed to grab some seats in the back for a quick catch-up before the show started. Once the lights started to dim, we squeezed our way through the crowd and I maneuvered into a prime spot at the end of the runway. With camera in hand, I managed to snap pictures of all the models strutting their stuff, giving good face and posing on the runaway.

Some of them were clearly amateurs, looking like a dead fish out of water (in Tyra's words: they weren't smiling in the eyes). While black and sequins were popular with the viewing crowd last night, it was all about funky work wear to take you from day to night, psychedelic colours and elegant bridal gowns that walked down the runway for the spring/summer 2010 collection. During the fashion show, there was some activity to my left but I really didn't pay attention to it, since I was focused on taking pictures. My friend filled me in later and told me that one of the VIP attendees fainted from the heat and dehydration, but was all right in the end. Just a light dizzy spell from drinking too much champagne.

Sitting in the back of the club, enjoying the view.

I'm not keen with the idea of wearing a person's face on your chest, whether it's somebody famous, or your own (if your a self-centered narcissist with a massive ego aka Paris Hilton), but I really liked the peep-toe ankle boots.

This bitch gave good face.

I like the loose draping and tie-dye effect. There were several dresses made from this material, but I like this style the best.

Cute outfit that caused a lot of tittering amongst the audience as it became quite clear she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Tee hee.

The multi-coloured psychedelic dresses that floated down the runway.

For the brides out there, planning a 2010 spring/summer wedding, some goddess-worthy gowns for your big day.

And the finale:

RoseMerie Cuevasthe, creator of the signature label Jacqueline Conoir Collection which she named as a tribute to her mother, taking a bow at the end of her show.

Celebrity sighting of the night: Stacey McKenzie, model and judge on Canada's Next Top Model, season one. She was very fashionably late, but looked super glamourous in her mini dress and funky headband. 
Also saw Jason Malto, the Vancouver fashion designer, although it was impossible not to spot him, dressed in his black sequined shirt and studded fingerless leather gloves. Dude looks awesome.

Inside Fortune Sound Club. Love the interior.

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