Sunday, July 20, 2008

there was an old woman who lived in a shoe...

My latest obsession:

I LOVE them! It's such a sexy style with the cut-outs along the sides and the stiletto heel, but they're also quite comfortable to walk in as well because of the platform. I'm so enamoured with them, I'm thinking about buying another pair. I think I'm in love with the whole oxford shoe thing.

I also have these shoes on my mind:

This could be the beginning of a very expensive habit...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

red and blue

I want a red coat...

And a blue dress.

Is that too much to ask for?

Images from the Sartorialist, Altamira NYC and Stylesightings

Saturday, July 12, 2008

lunch on the patio (almost)

Since we couldn't get reservations for the patio and we had a large group, we decided to get a table with an ocean view. It was the kind of weather where you want to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine on your face, do some people-watching and have a lovely meal, chatting with your friends. It was back to Milestones for lunch, chosen by default since one chickadee wasn't too keen on eating seafood or being surrounded by seafood (because, of course, the calamari would suddenly rise up and try to attack you with a toothpick if it had a chance). Ugh. Sometimes girls can be so annoying. And this coming from a girl!

I had planned on getting to the restaurant on time, but got sidetracked along the way. This is what happens when you decide to walk along the streets of downtown, because there is always something to do or see. Took a quick peek inside H&M and 10 minutes later, left with a dress that was nothing special on the hanger, but surprisingly very cute on the body. Left the mall, thinking that I had plenty of time to do some window shopping, when something caught my eye, made me stop in my tracks, tilt my head to the side and say, "Huh... you don't see that everyday," which was this creature/exhibit/sculpture hanging in midair:

By the way, that's a snake on the right, not... something else. So, of course I had to run across the street, pull my camera out and snap a few shots. Did some more window shopping downtown, where they were giving away free mini cans of Coke Zero, which has zero calories. They must have spent a lot of long hours cloistered away in some corporate board room full of very expensive top-notch marketing professionals, sifting through tonnes of consumer surveys to come up with that name. I'm totally blown away by the simplicity of it all. Pfft! Then it was off to the nearest bus stop, to catch a bus and head over to the restaurant before any more distractions made me super late for lunch.

I found a monkey swimming in my bellini!

Hanging off its tail, drunk off its tree. Tsk tsk, bad monkey!

Didn't find anything amazing that I wanted to try so we headed over to Beard Papa's, where I got a chocolate eclair to take home with me and to the Cupcake store, where I oohed and ahhed over the assortment of cupcakes. Finally, I picked out a pretty, sunshiny yellow lemon drop cupcake to devour.

Like a kid in a candy store... yum!

Saw this when I was riding the bus home. Goes to show you how much of an impact Yves St. Laurent had on the world and not just the fashion community, to have someone use his logo as street graffiti. He's an amazing designer and will be greatly missed.

Side dish:
What I find with a large group of friends and you're stuck sitting in the middle, is that sometimes you're involved in multiple conversations, most of them which you're unaware of until they call your name or get your attention. This was the case for me and my head was swivelling left and right, trying to keep up and not snub or ignore anyone by accident. Sometimes, when you arrive late to a party or a dinner, you sit at the end seat and are stuck talking to the people in close proximity to you, totally out of the loop from the rest of the group. This can be a good thing, depending on who you're sitting next to. It can also be a bad thing, depending on who you're sitting next to. But, I prefer sitting in smaller groups, since I like the intimacy and the chance of having a deep discussion about whatever topic should strike our fancy. Sitting in a large group, you sometimes feel like you need to lean back and let the conversation flow over you, because there's several discussions going on at once and also, because the stream of thought is beyond your control. Not wanting to be the center of attention could also be another reason why I might keep my mouth closed and appear quiet and unresponsive to others. Participating in a conversation takes a lot of effort, but being involved in several conversations is an art form that I haven't quite mastered yet.

busy buzzing bees

Blue sky and warm sunshine, the perfect weather for a little stroll outside. I decided to head down to the community garden during my lunch break and took my camera with me. As I was happily snapping away, I was suddenly aware of the sound of many bees buzzing around me, agitated that I had trespassed on their feeding grounds. A few more clicks of my camera and I made a hasty get away before they became too territorial.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wind blowdrying my hair

I nearly crashed into a dragonfly today. I said, "excuse me" and watched it flitter away, coasting on the strong wind.


There was a seeing-eye dog on the skytrain, poking his snout up a girl's skirt. Hee.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

why dinosaurs are extinct

Heather's birthday was today, and thanks to my little sister for reminding me, since I totally forgot about it. Quickly ran across the street to the supermarket and picked up a carton of cupcakes with sugar dinosaurs. And this is why dinosaurs are now extinct:

Poor dinosaur lost his tail... the rest of him isn't far behind.


"Say 'stages,'" he said, suddenly inspired, "likes pieces of the incremental journey of a stagecoach. That has some dignity, given the weight of its historical association with western movies, settler sags, and the lonely yodeling of cowpokes on the vast prairies. As a traveler by stages, you will be putting yourself in the long line of westward voyagers, making yourself a part of America's restless yearning for what I think we might call westness. And stage has a nice ring to it. Hop does not ring at all. It sounds like a dull thud on a wet dream. Take it from me: go by stages, not by hops."
- from "On the Wing" by Eric Kraft

Monday, July 7, 2008

summer market

Went out for dinner with my cousins and then it was off to the Summer Night Market to browse for stuff you don't need, but too cute/cheap to pass up. You can get DVD's (fakes, of course) for $5, sunglasses for $10, 2 pairs of earrings for $5 and the list goes on! Too bad I was so stuffed from dinner, or else I would have spent money on the yummy food (octopus balls! dim sum! spicy kimchi rice rolls! bubble tea! shaved ice!). A lot of people brought along their four-legged companions along for a stroll. There was even one little chickadee who was pushing a baby carriage with her pampered pooch in it. Ridiculous!

"Woof woof! Hello! Hello!"

"Where did everyone go?"

Octopus balls!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

try saying it ten times fast

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. If there is no change, then there is no change.

- an email from a coworker