Saturday, September 5, 2009

city trek

I haven't really explored Granville Island for years now. I usually just stick to a few shops and walk around the public market and that's about it. But yesterday, I thought I'd get out of my comfort zone and look around a bit more before I took the boat ferry to Yaletown.

Ten Thousand Villages was my first stop, since I like to poke around and look at all the unique stuff they have in there. Next, I wandered over to a little marketplace and found an awesome bead shop that had a wall of pearls, all in different colours. It was so tempting, but since I already bought a pearl necklace, I decided against buying anymore (although, a blue strand of pearls would look awesome!). From there, went to the public market, checked out the bakery, juice stand, flowers and finally made it over to Oyama where they had delicious cheeses (local and international), sausages, huge chunks of hams and slabs of pate. Afterwards, headed over to the dock and clambered aboard a rather small little tugboat of a ferry and sailed across the marina to the other side.

These orchids were huge! They about as big as my hand!

Sailing under the bridge.

Houses along the marina! So cute! I especially like the blue one.

The view from the other side.

In Yaletown, wandered in and out of stores before I made my way over to the mall and of course, ended up at Sephora. That place is deadly. I walked away with minimal damage (just a lipgloss and rollerball perfume). Finally, I took my weary feet home and promised myself that I would wear more appropriate footwear next time I decided to trek all over the city.

The Marc Jacobs perfume roller-ball and Clinique Superbalm Moisterizing Gloss in Black Honey are always sold out. Every time I have visited Sephora, they were completely out of stock of both products. So, when I saw the perfume, I immediately grabbed one before they disappeared right before my eyes. When I passed by the Clinique shelf, I saw one lipgloss left. I didn't think it was the ever-so-rare, impossible-to-find, urban myth of all lipglosses, the popular Black Honey, but it was! And it was the last one! And it's mine now! HA!

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