Monday, June 30, 2008

dressing for summer (and success)

I've been meaning to post these pictures a while ago, but June has been a busy month, so it got put off until now. These were taken at an event that I was invited to by an old coworker that I haven't seen in ages. All proceeds from the ticket sales go to Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides disadvantage women with the tools to help them find jobs and remain employed. It's always nice to go out, dress up and check out the latest trends, but there's that extra something that makes it even more fun, to know that it's all for a good cause. Here are some of my favourite looks from the fashion show:

I really like the bright citrus orange of this dress and how it clashes against the pink scarf.

Very practical, something that I would wear to work.

When I think of summer, this is the kind of dress that really represents that summery look: flowy, long and gorgeous.

Love the pattern on this dress, it reminds me of cherry blossoms.

Very romantic, very feminine, and I absolutely love the shoes!

The front is nice... but the back makes a great exit.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

zombies like pho

My face is all blotchy from a much-needed facial and I'm trying valiantly to snap myself out of an MSG-induced zombie state after having pho with the gang. It's 30 degrees outside, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and everyone has their shades out. Going to soak up a little bit of the sun, work on my tan and do some people watching. Stay tuned for pictures!

"Do you have any change?"

The busy streets of downtown

Blue windows to match the blue sky

Peeking through the fig tree to catch a glimpse of blue

Friday, June 20, 2008

puffing away

A little birdie told me that Beard Papa's had opened shop downtown, so of course I had to have some delicious cream puffs after work today! My wallet is a little lighter, but I have to admit it was definitely worth the price tag. These are the biggest, yummiest cream puffs that I have ever tasted. It completely justifies the lineup snaking out the door as I waited patiently (somewhat) for my cream puffs to be filled to capacity by the cream puffer, individually wrapped in paper packets and carefully placed in a bright yellow box.

Afterward, we wandered around in search of a patio for some well-deserved drinks, in the hopes that the sun would peek out from behind the grey clouds and smile down on us. But the sun decided that it didn't want to come out and play, so we had to settle for muggy instead.

We finally settled on Milestones, just right across the street from the beach, a prime spot for people watching. The special tonight was the Limoncello Lemonade (Smirnoff Citron vodka, Limoncello, lemonade, soda and smashed lemons) and we got a pitcher to split between the two of us, after some very little convincing from our tall, dark and rugged waiter. Yum.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

just when you thought it would never happen...




The New Kids on the Block are back!

I saw a rerun of the Much Music Video Awards on TV tonight and the New Kids on the Block closed out the show. When they started singing Step By Step, I reverted back to my 11 year old self and started screaming and jumping up and down in my seat. I always had a soft spot for Joey, but it was Jordan that I would dream about having my precious first kiss with, with "Be My Girl"softly playing in the background. Corny, I know, but come on, it was the 80's, the penacle of corniness! But man, watching that performance brings back so many memories: big teased frizzy hair, denim miniskirts over coloured leggings, and scrunchies! What can I say, I was a child of the 80's and 90's. I grew up in that era of neon colours, Disney cartoons and material excess, most of it hidden under massive shoulder pads. I need to revisit that era, because despite the over-abundance of everything, it was also a lot of FUN. I think I need to inject some of the 80's glitz into my wardrobe to spice things up a bit. I'm especially feeling the neon yellow. Maybe I'll start off slowly and get some neon coloured nail polish...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I hate the weatherman

Because it was raining today, not sunny like he promised! Boo!

At least we had some sunshine on Monday, which was good because me and the girls were heading downtown after work to attend an event hosted by Flare magazine to showcase some of the trends for fall/winter 2008. A little early to be thinking about fall, but with the weather that we've been having lately, it feels like summer was one Saturday in May and we're heading into autumn now.

So, the top trends strutting down the runways for fall/winter 2008:

1.) artiste - patterns, florals, bright colours

2.) modern punk - dark colour, plaid, chunky

3.) nomad - a LOT of fur over layers

4.) minimalist - clean, sleek lines, sharp tailoring

For accessories, it's all about the chunky necklaces and skyscraper heels.


And at the end of the day...

Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

past and present

So, this is what it looked like at 7AM in the morning:

Dead quiet, except for the lady who had her music blaring so loud that I could hear it half a block away. Why was I up so early instead of sleeping in or watching Saturday morning cartoons? Heading to work to do some overtime. Ugh.

Friday night, I met up with some old coworkers for dinner and drinks by the nerd bar and caught up on the gossip in the industry. There were a lot of juicy morsels to chew on, but I'm not telling... at least not on this blog! "Perspiring" lips and laughing like horses, I miss the blunt honesty and the wackiness of the girls. It's a pity that it's so quiet at the office now. I feel like I'm making a ruckus if I talk too loudly on the phone. But now, we've decided to get together to gossip, drink and be merry more often.

A pink mermaid taking a dip in my teeny tiny Kate cocktail.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

guacamole and hangbags

Don't necessarily go together, but I do love each of them on their own. I had an immense craving for guacamole and chips today, but unfortunately I could only find the chips. I might have to settle for salsa. Boo. This sudden craving might have stemmed from last night's get together with the girls for dinner and drinks at a new restaurant that just opened up this year, Tequila Kitchen. Great place for Mexican food and as suggested by its moniker, there's plenty of tequila in all their drinks. So we were a little tipsy after dinner as we made our way over to the Stila Launch Party at Beautymark, only to encounter an incredibly pretentious chickadee who, when told that we didn't have a makeover appointment as we only wanted to look at the new Stila products, muttered, "Oh" and abruptly walked away. Great customer service.
The topic of handbags came up during our dinner of ahi tuna tostados, guacamole and chips and spicy pork ribs as my friend noticed the large tote bag that I was lugging around. I let her know that it was a Marc Jacobs bag and among squeals of delight, passed it over to her for inspection. Now, handbags have always been a weakness of mine. I adore my Marc Jacobs Airliner bag and I'm so glad that I mustered up the courage (and had the foresight to squirrel away enough money) to buy it. The pebbled leather is soft and nubby with plenty of exterior compartment to store my keys, a novel, pens and notebooks as well as pockets inside for my cellphone, gum, a compact and several tubes of lip gloss. It's very roomy inside, for those days where I'm carrying everything including the kitchen sink to and from work. I've never spent so much money on a bag before, and throughout the entire transaction, I kept telling myself that this was an investment, a bag that I will be carrying 10 years down the road and I vowed to bring paper-bag lunches to work to make up for the hole in my bank account. Which, by the way, I'm still working on.