Thursday, September 10, 2009

fashion's night out

While New York City was having their huge bash today (gawd, I wish I was in NYC today), the Bay had their own little Fashion's Night Out shindig. After a short class today (I can't believe I'm back in school), we meandered through the mall, making strategic stops along the way (Holts, anyone?) before arriving at the Bay. We bought our gala tickets ($10 with $8 going towards whatever purchase you make that night, and $2 donated to Canadian Breast Cancer Society), and went in search for appys and drinks. Spinach filo patries, spring rolls, cheese, fruits and sweet pastries were washed down with a cup (or two) of surprisingly strong Cosmopolitan martini. After satisfying our hunger, we made our way to the MAC makeup counter to use our $8 coupon. I was able to convince my friend to get out of her eyeshadow rut and try other colours beside pink and bronze and I got Woodwinked and Typography to add to my collection.

There were other events being held at the same time, but today being such a long day, I just wanted to go home and snuggle under the covers.

A model getting her makeup on... I like how she's got "DKNYC" spray-painted on her left cheek. Now, that's classy.

New makeup line was being debuted. It's called Mica Bella Cosmetics and it's sparkley mineral makeup. A little too sparkley for me.

DJ, keep playing my song!

My purchases of the night: Woodwinked (above) and Typography (below). It looks like I'll be depotting this weekend.

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