Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today's conversation

I've been outsmarted by the papertowel dispenser at work.

One step towards world domination for technology.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've got your balls

Me and some co-workers (past and present) headed out to Rev's after work on Friday to hang out, throw back a few beers and maybe squeeze in some bowling. Waited for about an hour and a half for Sanjay to show up but he was a no-show (and he organized the get together!), so we ended up having our own little tournament. Team 1 consisted of Showmance, King, Cat (meow!) and Jizzmaster and bowling for Team 2 was Princess, Mexi-Sheila, Big Lubes and Pancho. After a couple of beers and other various alcoholic beverages, some of us (Showmance!) weren't at the top of our game, but it was just fun to hang out and let loose. Showmance put on quite the show (pun intended), dancing his "good vibes" dance and letting us know about his previous Halloween costumes (S&M, anyone?). It was one helluva night.

Jizzmaster (left) and Mexi-Sheila

Showmance trying not to fall over as he tries to get a strike

Glow-in-the-dark shoes, how awesome is that?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

today's conversation

Where is the sunshine, Dee?

It might have fallen out of my pocket.
I was looking for it this morning, but I couldn't find it.
Or, I'm wearing the wrong pants.


Last Saturday, after overtime (ugh) and brunch, me and some friends went to the Sutton Place Hotel to indulge in their Chocoholic Buffet. Not only could you eat your weight in chocolate, but you could also drink it as well, with or without alcohol. They had a large assortment of chocolate desserts: chocolate cake, white chocolate gelatin pudding cake, dark chocolate bread pudding made from croissants, 2 types of brownies, dark chocolate pecan pie, chocolate mousse, white chocolate cheesecake and the list goes on. They also had a crepe station, where you can make your own crepe with different sauces (raspberry, passion fruit and of course, dark chocolate), fruit sorbets (green apple or lime) and ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, fudge, etc). And if you really wanted to take your crepe to another level, you can also add a few shots of alcohol to your creation. Yum! After the third round of chocolate, I was full. Actually, after gorging myself on all that chocolaty goodness, suffice to say, I was feeling a little nauseous. Managed to get my queasy self home without throwing up and crawled into bed to rest my poor grumbling stomach.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"She Otter be in Heaven"

That's the headlines on today's newspaper as sweet Nyac, a sea otter who came to the aquarium after surviving the 1989 Exxon Valder oil spill in Alaska, passed away yesterday from leukemia. She will be greatly missed.

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno
It's Nyac (with white fur on her head) with her partner Milo, napping together while holding hands. I promise you, you won't stop squeeing, it's just TOO cute!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

falling into autumn

There's a certain crispness in the air when Fall arrives. It's not here yet, but I see some signs of it: cooler mornings, shorter days and the early nightfall. I love this time of year, because it's not too hot but it's not too cold either. And what better way to start the season off then with a fashion show!

Oakridge Mall had their annual Fall fashion show on September 16, 2008, hosted by Susie Wall, the West Coast reporter for the e-Talk Daily show on CTV. Since I got off work early, I was the lucky one who was responsible for getting us a spot in what happened to be a massively long line-up. But, the long wait in the scorching sun paid off as me and the Russian Lenka managed to get some great seats by the catwalk. Sipping champagne and red wine, knibbling on hors d'oeuvres (when we could get them) and lots of gossip to pass the time before the show started. Pics after the post!

The stage was set up right in the middle of Oakridge Mall.

Susie Wall hosting (she also hosted the summer trends event earlier this year, also at Oakridge).

"I wear my sunglasses at night... "
"Cause you got it made with the guy in shades, oh no!"
And the show begins!
Love the shoes! I heart them all!
This one was Lenka's favourite boy toy. He looks very model-y.

Lenka joked that even if the model was gay, she'd still try to convert him. LOL!

This model looked like he didn't want to be here. But he was still cute to look at.
Sexy secretary chic. Of course, I'd wear a camisole under the vest. Or maybe not.

I really like the pattern on this dress. It's a cross between fish scales and feathers... but much prettier than it sounds!

The silver swingy dress stole the show for me. It was sparkly, flowed over the body really well and it looked gorgeous on the model.

And that's a wrap!

Monday, September 15, 2008

b-boyz styling & skaters flying

It was the 3rd Annual Livestock Block Party in historic Gastown today. DJ's spinning some awesome tracks, skaters showing off their moves on the ramp and b-boys and girls battling it out on the street. Lots of pretty people came out to what could be the final installment of Livestock's block party and BBQ. A Sunday afternoon well spent.

Local DJ's spinning the tracks to get the crowd going.

Check out the girl's sneaks. Wicked.

Love the combination of the purple plaid shirt and the bright blue sneaks.

This girl was wearing every single colour of the rainbow and she looked awesome. I think it's the hair matching the shoes that pulls the look together.

Guu was feeding the hungry crowd with yummy edamame and takoyaki.

Love this girl's dress. The dude's shorts are pretty rad, too.
This dude was quite the character.

One of the sponsors for the event.

B-boys getting ready to battle... sort of.

Check out the dude with the Tom Selleck mustache and the mullet wig. Love it!

I want this girl's hoodie.
A future b-boy in the making!
A few four-legged friends stopped by to check out the event (so cute!).
As part of the Livestock Block Party, Adidas, Livestock and V.I.A came together and organized a used sneaker drive. The sneaks will be distributed to the needy in the Downtown East Side through LifeSkills Centre and Portland Hotel Society. Adidas was very generous, starting off the sneaker drive by donating 175 pairs of brand new sneaks!
Lifeskills Centre is a resource centre for high-risk drug users in the Downtown East Side. The educational centre provides access to basic services such as laundry and showers and offers low threshold programs and classes.

Portland Hotel Society
was formed in 1993, spearheaded by Liz Evans, a former nurse who began working at the hotel in 1991. The main goal of PHS is to promote, develop and maintain supportive affordable housing for adult individuals who are hard to house and at risk of homelessness due to their physical and/or mental heath, behavious, substance abuse and forensic history.