Saturday, September 5, 2009

what sale?

I woke up early this morning to head over to the organic market to stock up on juice and then me and my cousin headed over to the Aritzia warehouse sale located at their head office.

It wasn't much of a sale. I was expecting steeper discounts, since these items were supposedly on clearance. I bought a pair of navy high-waisted shorts at the Aritizia Oakridge location, about two weeks ago and they were on sale for $24.99. And I found the same pair of shorts at the warehouse sale for the same price.

One thing did catch my eye: a grey wool Community winter coat, that was very warm but was missing all of its buttons. It was hanging on the $59.99 sale rack and had no tags on it. I asked a sales associate to confirm the price and she said it would be around $49.99 to $59.99. A pretty damn good deal for a winter coat. But when I went to the cashier to confirm the price, they said it was $149.99 and she would give me $10 for the missing buttons. Not worth it. For that price, I could buy myself a decent winter coat that still had ALL its buttons sewn on.

My verdict: If you had already gone to the stores to check out their summer sale a couple of weeks ago, you do NOT need to come down to the warehouse sale. It's the same thing, for the same price, just all their summer stock is centralized in one location. However, if you missed out on the summer sales, then it might be worth it for you to check it out.

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