Sunday, September 13, 2009

this little piggy...

... went out on Saturday night to celebrate the big 3-0 of a friend (happy birthday Sheila!) at The Greedy Pig, a small hole in the wall that you wouldn't notice as you walk on by. But, inside the jazz band was playing, the mood was festive, the birthday girl was in high spirits (and hammered) and the food was mouth-watering good.

This was more of an appy/tapas kind of party: meat and cheese platters up front at the bar, plates of tomato and boccacini salad skewers and servers coming around, offering guests mini pulled pork sandwiches and spicy peanut satay chicken skewers. Delish. Of course, this being the birthday girl's big 3-0, we had make a few toasts and drink to her good health: I ordered the Ward Eight (Kentucky Bourbon shaken with fresh lemon and orange juices with pomegranate grenadine. a classic from New York City) and had a sip of my friend's Roughrider cocktail (Canadian Rye Whiskey shaken with pureed raspberries, black raspberry liqueur & fresh lime juice juice topped with ginger beer, served tall).

Midway into the party, there was a bit of a medical emergency (no ambulance required), but someone did have to leave early for the night, so a glass of white wine (dr. loosen reisling. 2006, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany) was bestowed on me as a parting gift. I'm no wino, but this was exceptionally good white wine: light, fruity and sweet but not too sweet that it didn't make me sick after a while (I've had some very unfortunate encounters with some unfriendly red wines in the past). I would definitely order it again if I saw it on the menu. And I do plan on coming back and tasting the other menu items that the Pig has to offer.

The place was packed when we arrived, which was great but the downside: no air conditioning. So it did get a wee bit hot in the back, where we were sitting. I'm so glad I wore shorts, even though the back of my thighs were glued to the leather seats. I had to peel myself off the seat every time I got up to order a drink or use the bathroom.

A very blurry picture of the pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce. So moist and delicious. This is one of the reasons why I don't think I'll become a vegetarian. At least, not full-time.

My Ward Eight cocktail.

For the rest of the night, I was sipping on this lovely reisling.

The eyes... it just won't stop staring at me...

Crowded bar... those were some good cocktails...

This little piggy also took in the scene at the Livestock Block Party held in Gastown on Sunday. It's suppose to be the last one eva (isn't that what they said last year?), so I came down with my little sis in tow and we checked out the skateboarding, the dogs, the DJ and the peeps rocking their cool kicks. Everyone and their dog was wearing Ray-bans, it was ridiculous.

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