Monday, December 22, 2008

"Twas the weekend before Christmas...

when all through the city,
everyone was rushing
to spend their last penny!"

At least that's what it felt like at the mall this weekend. I even left a friend's dinner early Friday night just so I could get an early start on Christmas shopping the next day! Ugh, it was so crowded and hectic at the mall. I managed to return a few items (shirts were too big), but I still had 2 presents to buy, so it was back to the mall on Sunday (after we watched the movie, "Quantum of Solace," which was great) and I found one present. But, I wasn't done yet. I had to get something for my mom. So it was back to the mall AGAIN, after work today (I woke up half an hour early and trudged through a foot of snow to get to the bus stop this morning and I still arrived half an hour late!), and I finally got what I needed and made a beeline home.

I had hoped to finish my Christmas shopping last Friday, when I attended the Yaletown Christmas Night, where stores around Yaletown were having special discount (20-70% off) for one night only. I bumped into Misch at Atomic Model where we sampled baked brie with sweet chili sauce and caramelized brown sugar on biscuits drilled with balsamic vinegar (YUMMY!). There were suppose to be Christmas carolers serenading us as we walked from store to store but me and Misch didn't see or hear any! Although, we nibbled on plenty of cookies and chocolates as we visited each store (and sipped on some spiked hot apple cider), looking for presents so we can start crossing off people from our Christmas list. While there were a lot of things that we wanted for ourselves, we were technically shopping for others. Unfortunately, we both came away from the event empty-handed (but with our stomachs full of alcohol and brie courtesy of Section 3). Oh well. At least we'll always have the brie!

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