Thursday, December 11, 2008

is there a 12-step program for shopaholics?

Not that I have a problem. I mean, the sweater was on sale at Club Monaco and BCBG was having a huge 50% sale on a great selection of dresses. I figure buy now, save later: save on time, save on money and save on effort. No worries about what to wear down the road (for weddings, birthday parties, posh dinners and special occasions) because I'll already have it in my closet. At least that's what I keep telling myself as I hide my purchases in the back of my closet so I won't get interrogated by my (little!) sister.

I like the shape of this dress, but I'm not so sure about the colours...

This was a very comfortable dress. I can see myself wearing this a lot during the warmer months.

By far, my absolute favourite. Love the colour and love the interesting neckline (you can't tell in this picture, but it's actually knotted). This was a no-brainer and now it's mine!

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