Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's New Year's Eve, but no party for me tonight. Just going to chill at home, relax with a hot cup of cocoa, put on a movie and maybe count down with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest (so cheesy, I know). Time to reflect back on the past year, leave behind the negative and take the positive with me into the New Year.

So here were the highlights of 2008:
  • New York in February
  • Mexico in May
  • Buying my Marc Jacobs Airliner bag
  • Competing in the Sun Run!
  • Grand opening of the long awaited H&M store downtown
  • Karl Lagerfield and being "demode" (hilarious interview)
  • Sex and the City movie (crepes and cosmos with the girls)
  • "Ding dong, the witch is gone!"
  • My little "sister" giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Fabiola!
  • A summer raise at work
  • People-watching from the patio while sipping on spiked lemonade
  • Blueberry picking in Richmond
  • Working on my photography skills
  • Girlicious was in town for like, 5 minutes
  • Seeing Ms. Jackson is concert in September
  • Being present at my cousin's wedding as he vowed to clean the dishes (LOL!)
  • Attending Shar's pARTy at Raw Canvas (what a great concept!)
  • New Kids on the Block concert in November
  • San Francisco in November
  • Buying a gorgeous black bejewelled BCBG dress under the influence of alcohol
  • Barack Obama is the first Black American president of the United States of America (FINALLY!)
  • Tearing up the dance floor at the Christmas party
  • Buying a royal purple BCBG for 50% without the influence of alcohol
The not-so-great moments of the year:
  • New York in February is super cold. Like ass-frozen-solid-from-sitting-on-a-metal-seat-for-hours cold
  • Family emergency
  • Bathing suit shopping for Mexico <- so frustrating!
  • Mexico is hot, which I was expecting and incredibly humid, which I was not expecting
  • Dealing with drama while on vacation in sunny Mexico (really?!)
  • Getting 13 mosquito bites in ONE weekend
  • Dealing with religious INtolerance
  • Not getting the iPhone that I coveted
  • Stephen Harper/Conservatives win a minority government (Gee, I didn't see THAT coming)
  • Gorging myself on cookies and chocolates this Christmas season
  • Low expectations at work
  • Tardiness is becoming a bad habit
  • Waking up half an hour early to get to work so I can leave half an hour early
  • Getting sick on New Year's Eve (blah!)

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Ashleigh said...

hey you....great little list you have going on there ;) response to your question about where I be honest my fave is Value Villiage (they are generally all pretty good) and you have to go often because they get new stuff everyday....second would be salvation army/goodwill...but I dont find them half as good as Value Viliage (which is also a bit pricier...but a lot more organized)...check it out