Thursday, November 19, 2009

skoah turns 8!

And to celebrate, Skoah had a birthday bash at their Yaletown flagship store today (you have to RSVP to get on the guest list!). There was wine from Strut, appetizers and a preview of their holiday collection which is out now. Me and a coworker hit up the birthday party after our midterm (ugh), and I was a little too fond of the Well-Heeled White wine and was feeling a little tipsy. They really didn't have enough appetizers to soak up the alcohol. I bought myself the Naughty and Nice superglosses duo and got a free goody bag filled with coupons, a water bottle from Mavi, and a sample of Skoah's Smooth Talk Body Lotion. After much sipping and rambling and giggling, we decided it was probably a good idea to call it a night and headed home with our purchases and goody bags in tow.

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