Wednesday, November 11, 2009

guess who the pope is

I finally found the time to watch the documentary, "The September Issue," and I loved it! First off, I wasn't expecting this documentary to delve into the deep, dark world of fashion or to look behind the hard-as-nails facade of Vogue's famous, or infamous, editor Anna Wintour. I doubt you would be able to get anything out of Anna "Winter," other than the fact that she enjoys playing and watching tennis. So, with low expectations in mind, I found the documentary to be exactly what it was: a light, frothy look into the fashion industry and how Anna Wintour and Vogue's creative team prepares for the September issue which will dictate the latest trends and styles to be worn by fashionistas everywhere.

I loved watching the behind the scenes action and I especially enjoyed watching the cat-and-mouse relationship between Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. I've always admired Grace's talent and creative direction to style the breathtaking, fantastical editorials for Vogue and after watching the movie, I admire her even more. Everyone knows that story of how Grace was appointed the Creative Director of Vogue on the same day that Anna became Editor-in-Chief, so they've always had a relationship from day one. But to be able to see how their relationship works is amusing to watch as they try to push each other to the limit (creatively speaking).

I'll be adding this film to my DVD collection when it comes out... hopefully in time for Christmas!

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