Monday, August 11, 2008

shopping frenzy

Yep, that's what happens if you pair me and my little sister together and we head downtown on a whim. Ended up buying quite a bit of stuff as you can see in the pictures below:

1. French Connection navy buttoned shift dress for $79.99 (that's my little sis modelling in the changing room). I was humming and hawing over this one because I didn't know if my sis would actually wear this dress. In my mind, I see her wearing it once for a special occasion and then it's banished to the back of the closet, never to see the light of day, or packed away and sent off to the folks at the Salvation Army. In the end, I relented I got the dress for her (she was strapped for cash) and I made her promise to wear this dress more then three times. That might not seem like a lot, but it's a pretty big deal for my sister.

2. French Connection black sheer floral patterned blouse with waist tie for $29.99. My sister didn't like this shirt because she thought the sleeves were a bit iffy, but I really liked the kimono style of it. But, after much debate, it went back onto the sales rack.
3. H&M dress for $49.50. This was so-so on the hanger, but once I got it on in the changing room, I fell in love with it. I think I might wear this to my cousin's wedding, it's got a romantic, prim and proper vibe to it that I think would be really suitable for the occasion, since he's getting married in a church.

After an exhausting morning of shopping, we stopped by Earl's for a quick lunch: Caesar salad, Pappardelle Alfredo and a white peach Bellini for me (okay, I let my sis have a small sip when no one was looking). This was by far the best Caesar I've had in a long time. Topped with a light dusting of shaved Parmesan cheese, the leaves were lightly coated with dressing and finished with a small handful of croutons, it was super yummy! So unlike other places, where the salad is drowning in the dressing and smothered with shredded Parmesan that totally overpowers the wilted lettuce leaves, topped off with rock-hard day-old croutons.

After lunch, it was off to check out the sale at Club Monaco. And oh, what a sale!!!

I got this black blazer with great detailing for $29, previously priced at $199.

These grey jeans were only $9! Marked down from $129! What a STEAL! It's a little loose around the waist and I need to lop off a few inches since they're so long, but I'm hoping that a quick whirl in the dryer will shrink it.

Now it's time to give my wallet a bit of a rest...

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