Monday, August 4, 2008

mosquito bait

It's been raining all week, but the sunshine came just in time for the long weekend. I was up bright and early Saturday morning in rain boots, picking blueberries at an organic blueberry farm all the way in Richmond with my family. It had rained the previous day, so the blueberry bushes were soaking wet and within minutes, so was I. After 2 hours of searching for big ripe juicy blueberries, it was time to grab some lunch and do some shopping.

The sun had finally come out for the afternoon so we stopped by Steveston where you can buy seafood right off the boats. Haven't been to Steveston in years, so I was glad I brought my camera, so I can take pictures of the catch of the day.

Spent all day Sunday shopping with my little sister, to the point where we were both exhausted and my poor tootsies were suffering, while I was trying desperately not to scratch at my 13 mosquito bites. Yes, THIRTEEN mosquito bites! I don't know if it was from blueberry picking or from last night, but it was brutal! One on my hand, one on my right leg and 11 on my left leg! I spent the day wearing jeans, which was a bad idea because the material kept rubbing against the bites, causing them to itch more and grow bigger. I've smothered my leg in anti-itch cream, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good because they're still itchy! Googling mosquito itch remedies as I type this to see what can be done.

Today, I'm going to head over to Stanley Park to bask in the sunshine, walk along the seawall, take photos and try not to scratch in public. We'll see how that goes.


Strange thing happened at the mall, just as we were leaving:

Dude, hitting on me (in front of my mom and aunt!): "hey, kitty"
Me, totally surprised: "meow?"

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