Thursday, June 5, 2008

guacamole and hangbags

Don't necessarily go together, but I do love each of them on their own. I had an immense craving for guacamole and chips today, but unfortunately I could only find the chips. I might have to settle for salsa. Boo. This sudden craving might have stemmed from last night's get together with the girls for dinner and drinks at a new restaurant that just opened up this year, Tequila Kitchen. Great place for Mexican food and as suggested by its moniker, there's plenty of tequila in all their drinks. So we were a little tipsy after dinner as we made our way over to the Stila Launch Party at Beautymark, only to encounter an incredibly pretentious chickadee who, when told that we didn't have a makeover appointment as we only wanted to look at the new Stila products, muttered, "Oh" and abruptly walked away. Great customer service.
The topic of handbags came up during our dinner of ahi tuna tostados, guacamole and chips and spicy pork ribs as my friend noticed the large tote bag that I was lugging around. I let her know that it was a Marc Jacobs bag and among squeals of delight, passed it over to her for inspection. Now, handbags have always been a weakness of mine. I adore my Marc Jacobs Airliner bag and I'm so glad that I mustered up the courage (and had the foresight to squirrel away enough money) to buy it. The pebbled leather is soft and nubby with plenty of exterior compartment to store my keys, a novel, pens and notebooks as well as pockets inside for my cellphone, gum, a compact and several tubes of lip gloss. It's very roomy inside, for those days where I'm carrying everything including the kitchen sink to and from work. I've never spent so much money on a bag before, and throughout the entire transaction, I kept telling myself that this was an investment, a bag that I will be carrying 10 years down the road and I vowed to bring paper-bag lunches to work to make up for the hole in my bank account. Which, by the way, I'm still working on.

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