Friday, June 20, 2008

puffing away

A little birdie told me that Beard Papa's had opened shop downtown, so of course I had to have some delicious cream puffs after work today! My wallet is a little lighter, but I have to admit it was definitely worth the price tag. These are the biggest, yummiest cream puffs that I have ever tasted. It completely justifies the lineup snaking out the door as I waited patiently (somewhat) for my cream puffs to be filled to capacity by the cream puffer, individually wrapped in paper packets and carefully placed in a bright yellow box.

Afterward, we wandered around in search of a patio for some well-deserved drinks, in the hopes that the sun would peek out from behind the grey clouds and smile down on us. But the sun decided that it didn't want to come out and play, so we had to settle for muggy instead.

We finally settled on Milestones, just right across the street from the beach, a prime spot for people watching. The special tonight was the Limoncello Lemonade (Smirnoff Citron vodka, Limoncello, lemonade, soda and smashed lemons) and we got a pitcher to split between the two of us, after some very little convincing from our tall, dark and rugged waiter. Yum.

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