Saturday, May 30, 2009

falling into next season's trends

Another Friday night out with the girls again! Ooohed and ahhed over fall fashion trends with Flare magazine's editor-in-chief Lisa Tant at the Century Plaza where we were treated to delicious hors de voures, wine and mini spa treatments from Absolute Spa. Big dramatic clothes to match the big dramatic hair and barely there makeup is going to be the big thing this fall. I'm talking about Star Trek shoulders, crazy skyscraper heels and black is the new black. Redundant, I know, but it keeps coming back for a reason.

This was the view outside the spa when we were waiting in line for the free mini treatments.

Ended the night with a screamer, a strange sweet concoction of soft serve ice-cream and root beer slurpee. It has an unusual texture and it is an acquired taste but I think I kinda like it.

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