Sunday, May 3, 2009

arts & crafts

Craft fairs are becoming quite popular now. I guess with the economy the way it is, people are now looking to local talent for homemade products and designs of good quality that are usually less expensive than the stuff you find at large chain-stores and shopping malls.

First stop was Got Craft? held at the Royal Canadian Legion. The place was packed and they had a lot of stuff to covet. I ended up buying a sterling silver fortune cookie necklace from the Farmer's Daughter booth. Love it. Wearing it right now, actually. I'm so glad that I budgeted myself, or else I would have shelled out quite a bit of moolah on jewellery, bags and little knickknacks that I don't really need, but want so badly. My sister literally had to drag me out of there.

Had a quick lunch at Earls, where we soaked up the rays on their patio. Then headed over to the Roundhouse Centre for the Make It! craft fair downtown.

Not bad. It was more fashion-y. They were fully licensed, but at that time I was still feeling full from lunch, so just had a small glass of fruity Yellowtail red wine. Very nice. Goes down smooth. Did a lot of browsing, but came away empty-handed this time around. Which is good, because the next event coming up is French Connection VIP Shopping Night and I am determined to use my store credit this time. It's burning a hole in my wallet, so I need to buy something! Crossing my fingers, hoping that I find something that I love!

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