Sunday, May 31, 2009

crossing over

to the other side of the border on Saturday, in search of good deals and yummy eats.

Took this picture as we waited at the border.

"Life is a highway, I'm gonna ride it all night long... "

We were on a mission to find a Denny's down in Bellingham so we could try grits for breakfast. I had no idea what grits were, but apparently they're a breakfast staple served on many American tables. I didn't know if I'm suppose to chew the grits or swallow them, but I definitely didn't like them plain. Barb flavoured her dish of grits with loads of butter, salt and pepper and some white gravy and declared them to be quite tasty (I thought otherwise), while I loaded up mine with lots and lots of maple syrup. It was slightly more tolerable with the syrup, but I still couldn't make up my mind about them. My verdict: I found them annoying to eat. Yes, annoying. The grains kept getting caught in between my teeth and I was still finding grits in between my back molars and chewing on them several hours later.

The large plate of white stuff is called grits. Mary seems to like it. I don't.

Bellis Fair was our main stop and I was on my best behaviour and managed to stick to my budget of $100 (okay, so I went a little over by $3, but still good!). Bought shoes at Target, lotion and lipgloss at Bath Body and Works (that store just sucks you in and you end up shelling out loads of money for 10 bottles of body care.. so BAD), Starbucks frappucino ice-cream at Fred Meyers and bits here and there. I was really hoping to find a swimsuit at Victoria Secret, but I couldn't find a matching top to the bottom that I liked and vice versa. Sucks. But, I did get a swimsuit at H&M the week before, so maybe it was a good idea that I didn't find one at Victoria Secret or Target.

Dinner was at Bob's Burger and Brew, on the suggestion of a friend of a friend, who was peeing her pants in excitement when we texted her that we had entered the establishment. I have to admit, the burgers were pretty good, but holy smokes, do they pile on the fries!

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