Thursday, December 10, 2009

when I RSVP to a party, I make it my business to come

As per the above quote (from Sex and the City), today was a super busy day for me as I had three events to attend, including the Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert (!!!) and once I RSVP, I make it my personal mission to attend the event, even if I'm fashionably late by half and hour... or more.

Up first was the Noir Lash lounge for their Haus of Klaus event. We snacked on appetizers from Society (I'll be going there for a dinner with a friend next week). The food from Society was amazing, especially the aha tuna cracker with quail eggs and the fried macaroni balls with cocktail sauce. I can't wait til next week when I'll be at Society for dinner; I'm expecting good things from this place! Never too far from the food, we maneuvered our way to a couch within an arm's length from the mini pizzas, sipped on bubbly and Red Bull (for me) and caught up with a friend who has been recently MIA as she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy this year. We also oohed and aahed over the Sublime jewellery (one friend was pining after a gorgeous pair of sterling silver oval hooped earrings with pearls) and had our picture taken by the lovely Ellen Ho.

Next, we made our way downtown to do some serious shopping at the Tommy Hilfiger and Fashion Magazine Holiday event. Not only were all tops in the store 40% off the last ticketed price, but you also received an additional 25% off the grand total at the til! With purchase, you also received a gift bag: a leather Tommy Hilfiger tote (in black or brown), a silk scarf and a copy of Fashion magazine, all valued at over $200!

 My new bag that I'm loving. It holds everything I need and more and I actually like the brown colour. It's a departure from all the black bags that I have. You can't tell in the picture, but the silk scarf has a handbag print. How perfect is that?

So, of course, I had to take advantage of this awesome deal and bought myself a lovely thick black sweater wrap that I'll be cozying up to this winter season. The event was catered by C Catering (delicious mini burgers and mushroom mousse tarts and accompanied by white wine) and the DJ was showing some love to Rihanna by turning up the bass to the point where the store was literally vibrating (I thought my ears would blow out!). Got out of there with our purchases and gift bags in tow (and our hearing intact) and made our way to the Lady Gaga concert.

Lady Gaga was freaking fabulous. The crazy costume changes, the light show that gave me ADD for an hour afterward, the whole show totally blew my mind. The girl knows how to P-E-R-F-O-R-M!

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