Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's done!

W00T! It took some time and research, because I really wanted a palette of colours that I would actually use on a daily basis, but it's finally done! There are some that I've had for years and years (Nocturnelle and Motif) and have yet to use up. I've bought some new ones that I absolutely adore and pretty much wear every day (looking at you Woodwinked!). I've already hit pan on Schroom, which is the one in the very top left corner. I'm definitely going to restock that colour, since it's what I wear as a base eyeshadow for everything. Even if it's the weekend and I'm going out with a very casual makeup look, I still apply Schroom.

I also have a list of eyeshadow colours that I want to try once I've used up some of the colours. I especially like the Veluxe Pearl finish because of the colour payoff and the staying power. Who knows, I might start another palette!

From left to right:
Top row: Schroom, Woodwinked, Tempting, Shale, Nocturnelle
Middle row: Motif, Romp, Knight Divine, Satin Taupe, Florabundance (limited edition)
Bottom row: Honeylust, Amber Lights, Typographic, Sable, Expensive Pink

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Fahrenheit 350° said...

Good luck finding those colors! Darn MAC and their limited edition!