Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ms. Janet if you're NASTY!

Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour kicks off in Vancouver tonight.

Oh my effing goodness, I can't wait!


The concert was AWESOME. A quick recap of the evening:

We had dinner at Jules Bistro in Gastown, which was absolutely divine. Any thoughts of eating healthy or starting a diet went straight out the window once I picked up the menu and perused the tasty selections. Started off with an appetizer, the Escargots de Bourgogne (
Escargot in Garlic and Herb Butter) which was so delicious and just full of fatty goodness. For my entree I had the Risotto aux Champignons de Bois a l'Huile de Truffles et Safran (Wild Mushroom Risotto with black Truffle and Saffron Oil). After eating such a heavy and rich meal, I was stuffed but after much persuasion from Shar (okay, not that much), I was knibbling away at Salade de Fraises a la Menthe Fraiche et Creme au Mascarpone (Strawberries with Fresh Mint Syrup and Mascarpone Cream). Yummy.

After dinner, we made our way over to GM Place. Our seats were at the very last row in section along the side. But we could still see everything and more importantly, we can still see Janet! And she was HAWT! Pushing 40-something and she still has it going on! There was a lot of old school songs (Black Cat! Rhythm Nation! Nasty! ESCAPADES!) mixed in with songs off her latest CD,
Discipline. It was 2 hours of non-stop singing, dancing and entertaining from Ms. Jackson. There were multiple costume changes but I swear, she was back on stage in 5 minutes, singing and performing the next set. I suspect there were people backstage, hired to rip her clothes off and velcro/staple the next costume on her. It's kinky but I think that's the way she'd want it. I was hoarse from screaming and singing along to her songs. Yeah, I lost my sh*t over Janet. But how could you not? She is totally a legend.

The set list for Rock Witchu tour:

“Pleasure Principle”
“What Have You Done For Me Lately”
“U Want This”
“Miss You Much”
“Never Letchu Go”
“Come Back To Me”
“Let’s Wait Awhile”
“So Excited”
“So Much Betta”
“All Night”
“Rock Witchu”
“Together Again”
“Young Love”
“Say You Do”
“Don’t Stand Another Chance”
“Doesn’t Matter”
“Love Will Never Do”
“When I Think of You”
“All 4 You”
“Don’t Know What You Got, Till It's Gone”
“Call on Me”
“That’s The Way Love Goes”
“I Get Lonely”
“Anytime, Anyplace”
“Black Cat”
“Rhythmn Nation”

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