Monday, September 8, 2008

busy bee

This past weekend was packed with stuff to do, places to be and people to see and I'm still recovering from it all. My arms and my feet are so sore, I could barely write today and I think I'll be wearing flats for a while!

Friday night was spent with my friend, Shar (hey girl!) browsing around the booths at Spend on Trend, an industry event held at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre downtown showcasing local designers and fashions, all made in Canada (go Canada!). I bought a cute Little Red Riding Hood Pouch by Track and Field Designs and a gold leaf necklace by Tala Designs. There was a cute green hedgehog laptop bag that I wanted so badly, but there's a laptop bag squished somewhere in the back of my closet, so sadly I had to leave it behind. I was coveting the unique earrings and necklaces from Toddlebunny (isn't that an awesome name?!), especially a pair of cool anchor earrings that I really liked.

It's Little Red Riding Hood and her forest friends! You can see the big bad wolf lurking amongst the trees.

A real leaf was dipped into 14kt gold to make the design. Gorgeous!

It was my cousin's wedding on Saturday (congrats Jason + Connie!) and you couldn't have asked for better weather! Everyone was up bright and early, waiting in line for the bathroom and getting all dolled up. Me and my sister both wore dresses from H&M (love that store!), black tights and I wore high heels while my sister wore ballet flats and I did makeup for the both of us. The ceremony was held at Fraser Lands Church and the reception was an outdoor affair on the lawns behind the Hart House Restaurant.

Each table had a number and the phrase "I love you" printed in several different languages. Ours was in Chinese, but I was eying the one in French (je t'aime!).
The puzzle pieces was a part of a clever little game: each table had to quickly assemble the pieces and bring it up to the front to establish which table went in what order to line up for the buffet table.

Great fun, lots of speeches and sweet cheesy "aww" moments for the bride and groom. The best part of the evening was their friends serenading the happy couple with "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys (the rule of the evening was that if you wanted the newlyweds to kiss, you either had to show the couple how to kiss or sing a song)! Unfortunately for me, spending the whole day in high heels meant my feet were beyond sore and I was limping through the parking lot as we headed home. Ugh.

Sunday was a very busy day: dimsum for lunch and then we spent most of the afternoon driving around town, hitting up Rona, Home Depot and Canadian Tire, looking for a new lawn mower. Our old one has finally moved on to greener pastures (ha!) and the front lawn is looking a little bit on the wild side. But how were we suppose to know that lawnmowers are now out of season and snow shovels are the items du jour? Defeated, we made our way to Superstore to bury our sorrow in grocery shopping, and then I made a quick trip downtown to take some pics and then it was back home, standing on my front steps in old jeans and runners to level the weeds with a weed wacker. It took quite a while to do the job, me and my brother taking turns and by the time we were down, the sun as setting and the mosquitoes were buzzing! I got one mosquito bite on my back, so that makes it the 14th this summer. Hopefully the last!

I found a little piece of wisdom on my bus ride home.

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