Saturday, August 29, 2009

keeping an eye over the city...

it's Batman! POW! BAM! SLAP!

I was heading to a jewellery sample sale for Simply Sublime (the designer is permanently relocating to Greece) and guess who I came across? Of course, I had to take a picture of the guardian of Gotham City (so COOL). There was Darth Vader too! But alas, my camera ran out of batteries, so no pictures.

After spending a small fortune at the sample sale, I headed over to Richmond on the Canada Line (it's air-conditioned!) and shopped at Daiso, the Japanese toonie store. It's a great place for finding little knick-knacks and stuff that you don't really need, but for only $2, you're not breaking the bank!

A cool sand sculpture inside the mall, right outside of Daiso:

My spoils from the sample sale:

Big gold hooped earrings are always in style.

This big leaf necklace is definitely a statement piece. It also looks great with a white t-shirt.

Classic white pearls. You can't go wrong with pearls.

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