Sunday, August 30, 2009

happy 3rd anniversary!

Today was Portabello West's 3rd anniversary and to celebrate, those who subscribed to the Portabello newsletter got an email for free admission to the market (it's usually $2 to get in). So, I dragged my sister down there to check out the local designs and products and it's a good thing I did or else I wouldn't have found this:

I've been looking for a navy school boy blazer for months now and bam! I find it at Portabello West and it's in my size, of course!. The fashion gods/goddesses were smiling down on me, so out came the credit card and in a matter of seconds, it was in my loving arms. Oh, and did I mention it's vintage? And in mint condition? With the tags still on? I love it and I'll probably end up wearing it to death this coming fall/winter.

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