Wednesday, July 1, 2009

happy 142nd birthday!

Off to take part in my country's birthday celebrations around town. Will post pictures!

First stop was Canada Place, where they were kicking the festivities off big time since it was also the grand opening of the new Convention Centre.

He's our star goalie on Team Canada. Watch out for him in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Being interviewed by the media.

I wanted to give him a hug, but there was a big lineup, so I just waved and took a picture instead.

Circus performers stalking the grounds around Canada Place.

This picture was taken while I was inside the new Convention Centre and it just shows half the crowd that just congregated at Canada Place.

After a quick lunch, we headed off to Granville Island to check out the Canada Day events:

This kid was totally getting into the song and dancing along. He was quite the scene-stealer.

Honey bear!

So cute! And tasty...


The tomatoes are showing off their patriotic colours.

Street performers all over Granville Island, keeping the crowds entertained.

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