Thursday, July 30, 2009

fashion is religion

I've been waiting for this for a long time now, ever since I read about it on fashionologie. A documentary, directed by RJ Cutler, takes the camera behind the doors of Vogue magazine as Anna Wintour and her staff prepares for what has now been referred to as the "bible" of the fashion industry: The September Issue. Anyone who is a follower of fashion or has the slightest inkling about fashion, will know who Anna Wintour is and what she represents: the glamour, the fantasy and the fashion. It's all about the fashion.

With her trademark bob and dark sunglasses, Anna Wintour is a constant at the front row of fashion shows, displaying her approval (or displeasure) with the slightest of facial expressions. She has ruled over Vogue magazine with an iron fist and over the past two decades, and amidst rumors of her rival Carine Roitfeld coming to America to take over the reins of Vogue, or Conde Nast pushing her towards early retirement, Anna Wintour is an immensely influential figure in the fashion industry. Watching Anna Wintour in her element with the editors and the passionate people that make up the Vogue team, dictating what will ultimately be the trends, colours, silhouettes and styles for the fall season will be exciting to watch.

The documentary will also look at the cat and mouse relationship between Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, the Creative Director of Vogue magazine, who has been described as one of the greatest stylist in the industry. Coddington stepped into her role as the creative genius the same day that Wintour begin her reign as the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, so it will be fun to watch how their interaction is portrayed in the film. I'm guessing there will be large amounts of drama, frustration and gnashing of the teeth... can't wait!

If you want to know what to expect, check out this review from the 2009 Sundance Festival.

Remember: September is the January in fashion.

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