Sunday, February 15, 2009

i heart

On Valentine's Day, I went to see the movie, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" with Misch. We made it into a girl's night out and treated ourselves to massive amounts of popcorn and an uber large Coca Cola. After the movie, we had lots of gelato to fill up our tummies.

My review of the movie: I liked it.
I liked Isla Fisher's character as the whimsical and outrageously dressed Rebecca Bloomwood and Luke (played by Hugh Dancy) definitely fits the Hollywood stereotype of the tall, dark and handsome love interest and with an accent to boot! Throw in an accent and that makes anyone 10x more attractive, in my humble opinion. Hee.

Now onto the most important player in the film: the fashion. Loved the bright pops of colour, the use of patterns and bold accessories (chunky brooches, large rings and dazzling purses). Loved the fact that as a natural redhead, they didn't shy away from yellows and fushcia pinks. Loved the boots, the shoes, the loud coats, everything. And I loved the fact that it wasn't too matchy-matchy. 'Cuz once it gets too matchy-matchy, you start to look like everyone else; scared of breaking the mold, scared of wearing different prints and patterns and clashing your colours. A mold that I, myself am trying to break. I've relied too heavily on wearing all black, or wearing some form of a uniform to work: button-down shirt with a sweater or vest over top and pants. I'm slowly breaking out of this habit (and it really is a habit, I automatically reach for the button-down shirts in the morning when I'm getting dressed), and mixing it up with bright colours and skirts and dresses. I definitely need more colour in my closet. It's starting to look a little drab with the amount of navy blues, greys and blacks that are dominating my work wardrobe. I plan to take some inspiration from the movie and start clashing colours.


Last Wednesday, I had dinner with Shar and Misch at Coast again. I'm so glad I'm not allergic to shellfish.

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