Thursday, February 19, 2009

"lean times and hemlines"

is the title of an interesting article written for the UK's, The Guardian . If you've been living in a bubble, sequestered in a deep, dark cave somewhere in a unexplored faraway land , than you might have missed the teensy, tiny fact that we are in the midst of a recession.

Ever since the "R" word has become part of our daily lives, there have been mumblings in the fashion world as to how the industry will respond to the economic crisis. Bear in mind, the runway looks shown this week at New York Fashion Week were created long before the recession began. So it would be presumptuous to say that designers are ignoring the economic crisis, tossing their well-coiffed heads at the idea of a recession. The article explores the preconceived notion that fashion is influenced by the current economy; that the rise and fall of the hemline follows the activities of the stock market, looking back in the 1930's when hemlines feel to the knees or lower.

It's a good read and while I did agree with some points in the article, I do think that the economy does play some role in the fashion industry, whether it's in merchandising or the consumption side of things. To say that the fashion world exists outside of the economic sphere is to essentially undermine one aspect what drives the fashion industry, which is creating beautiful clothes to meet the demand of its consumer, the fashionista. But I do agree that during troubled times, it is still important to dress up "to present yourself in an optimistic and fabulous way."

Photos courtesy of Fashion-Era

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