Friday, January 16, 2009

today's conversation

Read from the bottom up:

Me: Sometimes, you just got to give into your primal carnal instincts and let go once in a while. It might be murderous to attack a defenseless apple, but it shouldn't be looking all juicy and sweet and think nothing's gonna happen. Really, it's the apple's fault.

Andrea: Ohhhh. Well, aren't you feeling murderous today!

Me: It has a death wish. And I'm going to grant it in about 6 minutes.

Andrea: That bastard apple!!!!!!!

Me: That's a shock. I thought Macy controlled the US postal service, the price of oil and who gets voted as the next American Idol. LOL. It's Friday! It's been a long week. I'm counting down the minutes to my break so I can chomp down on my apple. I'm eying it right now. It WANTS to be eaten, it's suicidal.

So I emailed Macy's again just asking how long it takes for payments to show up online on their website. Since I mailed a cheque over a week ago and I am just worried that it has gotten lost.
And maybe I should cancel it and just send an expedited letter instead. I got a reply informing me that they don't have control over the US postal service and it will get posted once they get it. Really? Macy's DOESN'T control the US postal service? NO. WAY.

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