Thursday, January 21, 2010

waiting for spring to arrive

I received a last-minute invite in my inbox yesterday afternoon to attend the Mavi Spring/Summer 2010 collection sneak peak at the OPUS Hotel. I immediately RSVP'd for the event and forwarded the invite to a few of my fashionista friends for a little get-together.

Headed down to Yaletown after work to meet up with some friends, did a little window shopping before we walked over to the Opus Hotel (after I phoned and texted a few friends to figure out where it was located. For some reason, I thought it was on the other side of Yaletown). Confusion aside, we found the OPUS bar and had our snapshot taken on the red carpet (I miss you Polariod). We made it just in time to nab the last seats in the lounge before the music began and the wine started to flow. 

The OPUS bar was kind enough to offer the guests at the fashion show a sampling of Pink, a sparking blend of pinot noir and chardonnay from Australia that kind of reminded me of strawberries... delicious!

Special live performance by songwriter and musician, Tea. 
After half our crew left to go see a movie, me and my gal pal were chatted up by Mr. GQ (real name unknown) who was sitting beside us. Apparently, he was waiting to meet up with a few friends and offered to get us some wine, which was very sweet of him. Unfortunately, there was quite the line-up for booze, so he came back with bottled water for the both of us. Turns out, he's a model who's going back to school to learn how to fly airplanes. Very nice on the eyes, too.

My camera battery died before I can take any pictures of the collection, but from what I saw, it looks like the denim on denim look is coming back in a big way.

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