Monday, January 11, 2010

resolutions continued...

A few more that I've come up with and hope to keep:

2.) Eat healthier. What I've learned from this past Christmas is that it's so easy to pack on the pounds when you have chocolate, cookies and sweets every where you turn. So, I'm going to ignore my sweet tooth, eat more fruits and vegetables and choose the healthier option on the rare occasions when I go out and eat at restaurants or get take-out.

3.) Wear more makeup. This doesn't mean that I'm going to wake up an extra hour earlier to pile on 10 pounds of makeup and show up to work with a full face. Currently, I only have time to swipe some lipstick on before I run out the door to catch my bus. But for some reason, I've accumulated a massive collection of makeup, so it's about time I use it. Maybe I'll turn it into Project 10 Pan, like what lollipop26 has done.

4.) Save money. Enough said.

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