Thursday, June 25, 2009

the king of pop has left the building

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest today at the age of 50. While listening to a radio station's tribute to the King of Pop, playing all his #1 hits and the lyrics from "Beat It" and "Billy Jean" floating around my head, I can't help but think what a shock this is for a lot of people. With the amount of chemicals and plastic in his body, I thought he would never age or die. Literally.

I liked his songs, but I was never a huge fan. But, I do respect his talent and his contributions to the music industry. For a lot of singers and entertainers, he was their idol, their inspiration and their reason for being in the music industry. I mean, who hasn't tried to emulate Michael Jackson? The moonwalk, the songs, the crotch grabs... He's the King of Pop! And he will be greatly missed.

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