Monday, October 27, 2008

blank canvas

It was Shar's birthday pARTy last Saturday, held at Raw Canvas in Yaletown. It's a cafe/art studio/social space where you can paint to your heart's content while sipping on a large matcha chai latte (yum!) and listening to some cool tunes. It's a unique space where you can have a cappucino as you express yourself artistically. The place is so new that it doesn't have its debit/credit card machine set up yet.

There was a large communal canvas that everyone painted on and each person was invited to pick out a canvas (xsmall, small, medium or large) and create a their own masterpiece. Some people started off with one thing and ended up with something completely different at the end (fallopian tube to Christmas ornaments?!). Some people took their time to deliberate and plan out what they wanted to appear on canvas. Some people already knew what they wanted to paint and it was just a matter of making the first brush stroke. I was none of those people.

I haven't painted in years, so I just smeared shades of blue paint all over my canvas and did some yellow and orange swirls to make it less depressing. I was lacking the creative genius that usually inspires tortured souls to create meaningful and expressive art. But with the help of some cupcakes, chocolate cake and scones, I was able to manage. Hee.

Photos courtesy of Sharlene Eugenio and Grace Yaginuma.

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