Monday, July 7, 2008

summer market

Went out for dinner with my cousins and then it was off to the Summer Night Market to browse for stuff you don't need, but too cute/cheap to pass up. You can get DVD's (fakes, of course) for $5, sunglasses for $10, 2 pairs of earrings for $5 and the list goes on! Too bad I was so stuffed from dinner, or else I would have spent money on the yummy food (octopus balls! dim sum! spicy kimchi rice rolls! bubble tea! shaved ice!). A lot of people brought along their four-legged companions along for a stroll. There was even one little chickadee who was pushing a baby carriage with her pampered pooch in it. Ridiculous!

"Woof woof! Hello! Hello!"

"Where did everyone go?"

Octopus balls!

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