Wednesday, July 9, 2008

why dinosaurs are extinct

Heather's birthday was today, and thanks to my little sister for reminding me, since I totally forgot about it. Quickly ran across the street to the supermarket and picked up a carton of cupcakes with sugar dinosaurs. And this is why dinosaurs are now extinct:

Poor dinosaur lost his tail... the rest of him isn't far behind.


"Say 'stages,'" he said, suddenly inspired, "likes pieces of the incremental journey of a stagecoach. That has some dignity, given the weight of its historical association with western movies, settler sags, and the lonely yodeling of cowpokes on the vast prairies. As a traveler by stages, you will be putting yourself in the long line of westward voyagers, making yourself a part of America's restless yearning for what I think we might call westness. And stage has a nice ring to it. Hop does not ring at all. It sounds like a dull thud on a wet dream. Take it from me: go by stages, not by hops."
- from "On the Wing" by Eric Kraft

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