Thursday, February 11, 2010

mac attack

MAC cosmetics came out with a h-u-g-e makeup collection for February, one of the biggest collections that I've seen from them in a long time. I'm sure anyone and everyone can find at least one thing that they like in any one of these colour schemes:

Spring Colour 1 Forecast: If it giggles, tickles, teases, it's PINK.
Spring Colour 2 Forecast: If it's tawny, sensuous, glowing, it's CORAL.
Spring Colour 3 Forecast: If it's wicked, noble, naughty, it's PLUM.
Spring Colour 4 Forecast: If it's precious, excessive, golden, it's AMBER.

For me, I was mostly drawn to the Pink, Plum and Amber colour schemes. I really, really liked the promo images of both eyeshadow quads for the Plum and Amber collection. When the collection came out, I was on a mission to get both quad palettes, but ended up just getting the Amber quad. When I swatched the Plum eyeshadow quad, I found the colours weren't as pigmented as I would have liked them to be and the texture was a little grainy. But, I really loved the colours in the Amber eyeshadow palette. I thought the colours were great when I swatched them and they felt velvety to the touch. Definitely a must for my ever-growing make-up collection.

Starting from the top right corner and going clockwise (in the first picture above):
Manila Paper: pale frosted white gold - Veluxe Pearl (LE)
Flip: bronzed gold - Frost (LE)
Aztec Brick: frosted true copper - Veluxe Pearl (LE)
Creole Beauty: frosted dark golden brown (LE)

I might go back and re-visit some of the other items in the Spring Colour Forecast collections, namely:

From PINK:
Laugh A Lot lipstick: mauve pink - Lustre (LE)
Da Bling eyeshadow: pink with gold pearl - Veluxe Pearl (LE)

all the lipsticks!
Colour Me Coral: frosted light coral - Frost (LE)
Fresh Salmon: sheer bright pink orange - Lustre (LE)
Rose Maiden: frosted bright berry - Frost (LE)
Victorian: frosted light golden pink - Frost (LE)
Straw Harvest eyeshadow: frosty light yellow-orange - Veluxe Pearl (LE)

From PLUM:
Radicchio lipstick: sheer mid-tone blue mauve - Lustre (LE)

Also purchased the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. It's a light blue pink colour in a Lustre finish, so you can build up the colour for more intensity. It's definitely a colour that I normally wouldn't choose for a lipstick. I tend to stick to berry and mauve-y tones and be a little more outrageous with my lipgloss choices. But, I thought I try something new this time around. And it's Lady freaking Gaga!


For more detailed descriptions, photos and swatches, check out Temptalia.

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