Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blueberry jam crepes rock my world

A lot of things were happening around town this past weekend: Westjet Street Party to celebrate the Junos, craft fairs and of course, the Juno Awards itself, bringing down the house Sunday night.

Saturday: I saw the movie "Watchmen." I've come to realize, time and time again, I don't like bloody gore. I spent part of the movie hiding behind my jacket, cowering like the scaredy-cat that I am. But I did get a free refill on popcorn. Checked out the Juno street party along Granville, laughed out loud at the sumo wrestlers and enjoyed some live music from up-and-coming Canadian talent.

Brandon Paris is the name of the band. It's rock 'n' roll with some reggae. A very cool band.

Juno Sumo! Friggin' hilarious. Especially listening to the two girls bitch each other out: "I hate you!" "Fuck you!" And those suits were heavy. Three people were needed to pick them up when they fell over.
Tamara Taggert. I have a bone to pick with you. What's up with all this bipolar weather we've been getting? You're a weather-girl (weather-person, to be more PC), shouldn't you know what's going on?

Chris Olson from "Olson on Your Side", and somebody else. I can't remember her name, but she was putting on makeup before the cameras started rolling. A lot of makeup.

It was all about the craft fairs on Sunday. Dim sum bright and early, and then grocery shoppnig before hitting up Portabello West and Blim's Community market. The sun was shining and it was warm (gasp!) and there was quite the turnout. Portabello West has expanded into another section of the station and there was a large amount baby stuff being hawked. I guess since it's spring and everyone and their dog is pregnant...

People outside enjoying a rare bit of sunshine and a bite to eat outside Portabello West.
Waiting in line to order buckwheat crepes. Mmm.. blueberry jam...


Check out the dog's pimping ride!

Blim's Community Market was held in a little auditorium that smelled like dusty old people. It was crammed full of craft tables, and they tried to squish a cooking station in the corner. People were practically climbing over each other trying to get around. Next month, it's going to be held outdoors. I say that's a great idea.

The entertainment: Fine Mist. The girl has a great voice. The guy... needs to beef up his vocals. They barely had any room to move. Good on them for not falling off the stage.

See my spoils below from the craft fairs:

The artist painted the little drawings and made glass pendants out of them.

Vintage owl lockets as earrings.

It's a squirrel pin! Also vintage and super cute.
PS: It's holding a nut, not drinking a beer.

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