Thursday, November 20, 2008

girl's night out

I know it's been awhile since my last post, but what better way to get back into the groove of things with not one, but two events with the girls?!

First stop was BeautyMark's Annual VIP party "Holla Days at BeautyMark" where, for one night only, you can get a 15% discount off regular priced items in the store. That includes hair products, makeup, jewellery, purses, clothes and accessories. Me and the girls, Shar and Karen browsed the crowded aisles, trying on and testing different products and snacking on chocolate goodies (Ferrer Rocher anyone?). I ended up getting a lovely pair of gold earrings and received a goodie bag along with my purchase.

A quick jaunt down the street and we arrived at Skoah to celebrate their Annual Birthday and Holiday Bash! Grabbed our gift bags at the door, smiled and chit chat with Martine and carefully tip-toed our way around the packed room, sidled up to the nearest tray of tapas and appetizers (by Hamilton Bar and Grill, right next door), grabbed a glass of Perrier and white wine and perused the selection of makeup, travel kits, spa products and holiday gift sets. Karen was enamoured with the Super Strawberry lipgloss and even contemplated buying the tester when she found out that they were sold out. But a quick chat with lovely Martine, and all was right in the world as Skoah will be restocking soon. Shar gravitated towards all things that smelled of sweet vanilla while I got distracted by the lip glosses. After a bite of fried fish and shrimp dipped in sweet and sour sauce, we made our purchases (using the $10 gift certificate in our goodie bags) and it was back outside into the cold air for a breather before heading home.

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